What is 1000 paper cranes?

I love making paper cranes, and each time I make one, I realise there's a story behind it. So my challenge is to make 1000 paper cranes over the coming days, weeks, months, (years?) and write about each one...

Sunday, 11 December 2011

Crane #722 - #759

We had a little bash for the love of it xmas do last night, and had a little bit of a Dickensian adventure to start off the evening. My part was the role of the "ghost of Christmas present(s)", and teaching people that Christmas is all about giving. So we did a spot of origami bombing, brightening up a rather dull corner of the centre with some Christmassy cranes (red and green!).

Once again, I failed to take photos, but there were other people with cameras around, so I'll try to update with a photo or two if any appear...

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