What is 1000 paper cranes?

I love making paper cranes, and each time I make one, I realise there's a story behind it. So my challenge is to make 1000 paper cranes over the coming days, weeks, months, (years?) and write about each one...

Sunday, 30 October 2011

Crane #684 - #703

Origami bombing made a return to Bristol this weekend. I'd got some large sheets of silver card from the scrapstore and decided to make some giant origami cranes. 20 cranes later, I was suddenly wondering what to do with them and eventually I decided to hang them up in a bunch of different places round Stokes Croft. This time, my willing accomplice was Chris from UpCycle, who willingly jumped over fences and climbed ladders for the sake of origami.

However, it turns out that giant origami cranes are a popular thing to steal. Before we'd even finished hanging up the first crane the first one had been nicked. And 2 days later, only 3 remain. I like to think that the other 17 are brightening up homes across Bristol though.

Here's a few photos before they got nicked...

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